Remember the Good Old Days? (Job 29)

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Mar 28, 2023



Erinnern Sie sich an die gute alte Zeit? (Aufgabe 29)


Lembra dos velhos tempos? (Jó 29)


Ricordi i bei vecchi tempi? (Lavoro 29)


Vous souvenez-vous du bon vieux temps ? (Travail 29)


Помните старые добрые времена? (Работа 29)


اچھے پرانے دن یاد ہیں؟ (ایوب 29)


¿Recuerda los buenos viejos tiempos? (Trabajo 29)

Remember the Good Old Days? (Job 29) 

Scripture reading - Job 29

Job’s answer to Bildad’s accusations (Job 25) is continued in today’s Scripture reading. Unable to find reprieve from his sorrows, and bearing the disappointment of friends who assailed him, Job reflected on what we might label, “the good old days.” He remembered better days, and happier times.

Job’s Complaint (Job 29:1-6)

Having lost everything, the sting of feeling abandoned by God pierced Job’s soul day and night. He was grieved by friends who alleged he must be guilty of some wickedness. He felt God was turned against him, and bemoaned that his dreadful state had given cause for others to ridicule and scorn him.


Job then remembered the security and communion he once enjoyed with his Creator (Job 29:2-6). He said, “Oh that I were as in months past, As in the days when God preserved me [watched over him]” (Job 29:2). He had lived what some call in our day, “the charmed life.” As a young man, he enjoyed the light of God’s favor (Job 29:3). Comforted by the “secret of God” (His friendship and fellowship, Job 29:4), and the presence of his children (Job 29:5), Job’s life had overflowed with plenty (Job 29:6).

Job’s Prominence in Former Days (Job 29:7-17)

There had been a day when he was esteemed in all quarters of his realm (Job 29:7-17). He was numbered above the elders and judges of the city (Job 29:7). When he passed in the streets, young men shied from him, and aged men rose in his presence out of respect (Job 29:8). When he spoke, men listened and none questioned his wisdom (Job 29:9-11). Contrary to the charges of his friends, Job had been beloved for his charity and compassion for the less fortunate (Job 29:12-13).

Job’s Reputation (Job 29:14-17)

He was hailed for his character and good deeds, and distinguished as a righteous judge (Job 29:14). His charity for the less fortunate was known among his neighbors, for he served as eyes for the blind, and feet for those unable to walk (Job 29:15). To the needy, he had been a father (Job 29:16), and a foe of the wicked when men sought justice (Job 29:17).

Job’s Delusion (Job 29:18-23)

Like some in our day, Job had believed his prosperity would last forever. He supposed God would favor him for his righteous deeds, for he reasoned the days of the righteous are multiplied (Job 29:18-19). He relished the approval of his peers, and they valued his counsel (Job 29:20-21). When he spoke, lesser men were silent. To those who sought his counsel, his words were like dry soil that opens its “mouth wide” for spring showers (Job 29:22-23).

Closing thoughts (Job 29:24-25)

For Job, timed had changed, and he was left with only memories of better days. He remembered when he was much-loved, and all men sought his company (Job 29:24-25). He had not been proud, or haughty as he was accused (Job 29:24). Though he had been chief and sovereign in his realm, he was a comfort to those overcome with sorrows.


Friend, the day may come when you will be embroiled in trials and troubles. When sorrows come, remember God’s grace and favor is the only solace in your darkest hour. I close with a promise that has sustained believers down through the centuries:

2 Corinthians 1:3–4 – “Blessed be God, even the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of mercies, and the God of all comfort; (4) Who comforteth us in all our tribulation, that we may be able to comfort them which are in any trouble, by the comfort wherewith we ourselves are comforted of God.”


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