Language is no barrier with Konvert

Konvert is your partner in multilingual communication, seamlessly connecting your message to the world.

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Limitless connections to a global audience

What if the messages you make each week could go beyond your native tongue to people who live all around you but come from other countries? Konvert is the platform that makes that happen. We enable the translation and distribution of sermons and lessons to non-English speaking audiences by providing a team workspace that ensures effective translation through a "human touch" approach.

Advanced AI Engine.
Konvert's translation tool is powered by an advanced AI engine, ensuring improved translations.
Power Paste.
Konvert's Power Paste feature ensures more accurate document importing, making the translation process smoother and more efficient.
Tags and Series Labels.
Konvert's tags and series labels make it easier to access documents, improving organization and workflow.

Konvert Makes Translation Easy

With our easy-to-use interface, your message will cross language barriers from day one.

Document Creation
Konvert's web-based word processor formats your text for optimal machine translation. This results in a better translation and a clearer document for your readers.
Machine Translation
Instant translation allows you to have your lessons and sermons ready to go when newcomers enter your building.
Human Touch Editing
Konvert's team function allows bilingual editors you know and trust to make improvement to your translated documents.
Konvert organizes your documents, making it easy for you to print or share them via a unique QR code.

Simple pricing

Konvert delivers all you need for one low, monthly price.

Konvert Unlimited

Make your team as big or as small as you’d like. Everyone can use all of Konvert’s functionality without paying for individual access.

What’s included

  • 500,000 characters included per month
  • 30+ Languages
  • Unlimited Team Members
  • Unlimited Shared Documents

15-Day Free Trial

$79 /month

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+ $20 per 1 million extra characters


In Use Nationwide

“Our church is passionate about the Great Commission. Konvert is the tool we needed to translate that passion into active ministry to many nations right in our own city.”

Charles R. Phelps, Pastor
Indianapolis, IN

“We have over two dozen nationalities in our church. Several have family members who do not speak English yet want to grow in their faith. Some are local and some live in their own country. Konvert is a tremendous tool to help us minister God's truth to these folks.”

Pastor Scott Wendal
Valley Forge, PA

“Konvert's translation platform has given our congregation an inroads into our communities we would never have without this tool. I enthusiastically recommend Konvert to anyone looking to reach the world!”

Travis Smith, Pastor
Tampa, Florida